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Guiding Clients Through Divorce in Texas

One major concern of many people who are going through divorce is what the divorce process will be like, how it will affect them and their children, and what steps they can take at the beginning of the process in order to give themselves the best possibility for a positive outcome.

At Connolly & Shireman in Houston, our attorneys understand and are responsive to these concerns. We will carefully go over your options and make sure you are adequately prepared for the divorce process. To learn more, contact us.

Taking the First Steps With an Eye Toward the Future

At the beginning of the divorce process in Texas, the court will generally issue temporary orders resolving issues such as who will control what property, who will have child custody and whether either spouse has to pay support during the divorce.

Temporary orders should not be treated as a minor issue. Structures that are put in place during the initial stages of the divorce process often have a significant impact on the final outcome of the divorce.

We are experienced at identifying the issues early in the process so we can take the right steps at the temporary order stage. We are also experienced at pursuing a variety of different forms of protective orders for spouses and children where there has been a history of family violence.

After temporary orders are issued, the divorce process can go in several different directions depending on the specific circumstances of each case. Issues such as property division, child custody, child support and spousal support (alimony) can be resolved through litigation or through structured negotiations such as mediation.

Supporting You and Paying Attention to Your Needs

At Connolly & Shireman, we understand that divorce is a stressful and emotionally difficult process for our clients and their children. We are prepared to guide you through every aspect of this process with a focus on what will put you in the best position to take control and move on with your life.

Even in the most straightforward of divorce cases, the process may take eight to 12 months before the divorce is final, with more complex cases often taking longer. We will be your advocates and a source of support throughout the process. To work with lawyers you can rely on to put your needs first, contact us today.