The Unique Issues Involved in Appealing Juvenile Cases

Facing criminal or quasi-criminal accusations in a trial setting is an intimidating prospect for anyone, but particularly for a child who may not have a fully formed sense of what it means to be responsible for one’s actions and accountable to the legal system. At Connolly SchneiderRead more

Family Law, CPS, and Juvenile Law Appeals

When a legal case goes to trial, the trial court – with or without the involvement of a jury – has a responsibility to discern the relevant facts and then arrive at a decision by applying settled legal standards to those facts. While the trial court hasRead more

Houston Appellate Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been involved with a case that has been unsuccessful in the court system, but are hoping to appeal, then finding an attorney experienced in appellate law should be a priority for you. If you won a court case but theRead more