Divorce Attorneys Aren’t Just for Couples

Divorce attorneys are talked about when a couple goes through a divorce. Often, each member of the couple will hire their own attorney to represent their best interests. However, divorce affects more than those two people. There are many services that divorce attorneys provide, and many peopleRead more

How to Value and Separate Employee Benefits

When a marriage ends, each spouse must consider his or her economic future and how dividing marital and nonmarital assets will affect each one’s financial foundation. An experienced Houston divorce and division of employee benefit and retirement assets attorney can help you reach a property division agreementRead more

Untangling the Economic Relationship

One major aspect of divorce is untangling the economic relationship between two spouses who have typically acquired at least some assets and debts together as well as bringing the separate property into the marriage. The details of the property division arrangement may turn out to be crucialRead more

Dividing Retirement Accounts In Divorce

Loss of equity in homes and lowered household incomes are two of the realities that people can face after divorce. Loss of retirement assets is another important possibility that should be discussed with your attorney. The National Center for Family and Marriage Research indicates that the numberRead more