Family Law, CPS, and Juvenile Law Appeals

When a legal case goes to trial, the trial court – with or without the involvement of a jury – has a responsibility to discern the relevant facts and then arrive at a decision by applying settled legal standards to those facts. While the trial court hasRead more

Juvenile Abuse in Adult Prisons

In a single year, it is estimated that 2.1 million juveniles under the age of 18 are arrested in the United States. According to juvenile attorneys, 1.7 million of these individuals will end up in court to face the charges being brought against them. While these numbersRead more

What to Expect if Your Child is Arrested

A juvenile is anyone under the legal adult age, which in most states is 18-years-old. Many juveniles face legal issues—some of which are minor violations and some of which are much more serious. If your child is facing a juvenile delinquency case, here’s what you can expect.Read more

Harris County Juvenile Lawyer

We may be able to help your child avoid becoming one of the many juvenile delinquency cases we see each year. If your child has been accused of delinquent conduct it is the equivalent of an adult being charged with a criminal offense. It is crucial thatRead more