Child Custody Lawyer in Houston, TX

Helping Create a Safe Environment So Kids Can Flourish

Divorce is stressful for everyone involved, but particularly for children, who depend on their parents for care and support. Children need to know that they are not to blame for the divorce, and they need to be able, if possible, to feel safe with both parents in the future.

At Connolly & Shireman in Houston, our attorneys are very sensitive to the impact of divorce on children. We regularly represent not only parents but also children as advocates appointed by the courts to represent the child’s best interests. To work with an experienced Texas divorce lawyer who will help you keep the focus on your children’s interests, contact us.

Providing Protections Throughout the Process

As far as the family courts are concerned, all aspects of the divorce process that have an impact on children, including child custody and child support, are supposed to be considered from the perspective of the children’s best interests, which should be placed ahead of the personal preferences of the parents.

At various points during your divorce, the court may take certain steps with the overall goal of protecting your children’s interests.

For instance, the court may order psychological evaluations, social studies, or the appointment of an attorney to represent your child. The court may also require you and your spouse to attend parent education courses in order to guide your transition to co-parenting after the divorce.

If you believe that it is necessary to seek restraining orders in order to protect your children from your spouse’s conduct, addictions or other issues, the court may make those orders mutual as a precautionary measure.

Seeking the Greatest Possible Continuity

It is also important to understand that the courts generally consider it in children’s best interests to have the greatest possible continuity while their parents are getting divorced. This typically means that the parent who has been the primary caregiver will be granted a primary conservatorship role.

This can be painful for the parent who is granted a lesser share of custody, but the goal is not to punish one parent or reward the other; it is to do what is best for the children. Each case is, of course, unique. To discuss your specific circumstances, contact our Houston TX child custody attorneys today.


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