Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Alternative Dispute Resolution Helps Families Reach Peaceful Outcomes

Hire a collaborative divorce lawyer – Many people are concerned about entering into divorce or family law litigation, because the adversarial process may not be the way they want to go about resolving their problems and concerns.

At Connolly & Shireman in Houston, our experienced Texas family law attorneys are devoted to pursuing our clients’ best interests through the most appropriate means for the particular situation, including collaborative law, mediation and other approaches to alternative dispute resolution.

Whatever type of dispute resolution process you choose, it is also important to choose attorneys who are experienced in seeking creative solutions. We regularly help clients engineer agreements to implement their priorities on issues such as child custody, the divorce process and more. Contact us to discuss your options.

Hire a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer to Keep Disputes Out of Court

Collaborative law is an increasingly popular method for resolving divorce and family law issues. In a collaborative legal proceeding, both parties are represented by attorneys who provide them with the benefits of legal advice from advocates who are focused on their interests. Everyone involved, however, agrees to resolve the case without going to court.

Signing a collaborative law agreement does not take away your right to assert your interests in court. It does, however, mean that if the agreement breaks down and your case goes to trial, the process will start over with new lawyers.

Because a collaborative divorce lawyer is not preparing for litigation, they can remain focused on pursuing solutions through negotiation. Many clients find that this creates a better atmosphere for their own participation in the process.

Guiding You Through Mediation as Advocate or Mediator

Mediation is another common approach to resolving legal issues, particularly family law issues. This method features a neutral mediator who works with both parties to seek resolutions to their differences. The parties may or may not be represented by their own attorneys, depending on the exact mediation agreement or guidelines.

At Connolly & Shireman, our attorneys advise clients who are going into mediation, and we are also available to serve as neutral mediators. Contact us to learn more about our alternative dispute resolution services.


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