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Houston, TX Divorce Attorneys

Guiding Clients Through The Divorce Process

The decision to divorce can be a battle in and of itself, but divorce proceedings have the potential to be even more challenging when tensions are running high. In emotional matters that involve fragile hearts, it can be in a client’s best interest to enlist the help of a trusted and reputable family law attorney.  These professionals understand how to practice family law compassionately while still looking out for their client’s best interests.

Matters of Divorce

Divorce is a delicate matter and the decisions and choices made during these proceedings can impact spouses, children, and extended family for years to come. An experienced Houston divorce attorney may be able to help with key divorce matters such as:

Contested Divorces.
A contested divorce is when two spouses do not agree to the terms of a divorce. Contested divorces generally account for the majority of divorce-related cases. In some cases, these disagreements can be fairly minor and in others they can pertain to more serious issues such as property division or child custody. A divorce attorney should be equipped to help mediate discussions and represent you in a court of law if necessary.

Uncontested Divorces.
Uncontested divorces happen when both spouses agree to all of the terms of the divorce. On average, uncontested divorces are quite common. With the help of a Houston divorce attorney to assist with papers and a hearing, the process can be fairly simple and may be resolved in a matter of two to three months.

Community Property Division.
During the course of a marriage, a couple usually accumulates what Texas courts consider to be community property. In the event of a divorce, the couple’s community property is divided among both parties. A family law attorney can advocate for you to ensure that your community property is divided in the fairest manner possible.

Separate Property Division.
The lines between community and separate property tend to become blurry in an emotionally charged divorce. To effectively protect property that you were gifted, inherited, or owned before marriage, let a Houston divorce attorney help you prove which items fall under separate property.

Spousal Support.
According to Texas law, spousal support is a separate matter from other aspects of the divorce such as property division and child support. It generally refers to a temporary state in which a spouse is required to provide income to their former spouse. However, under certain circumstances this can extend past divorce. If you are seeking spousal support or have experienced a lapse in spousal support that is now overdue, consider contacting a family law attorney for assistance.

Child Custody.
In the event of a divorce, child custody can become a heated issue. A family law attorney can provide calm and compassionate guidance, while being adaptable and assertive when necessary, to ensure that a child’s best interests are looked after. Family law attorneys may be able to assist clients with key issues such as parenting plans, conservatorship, and visitation.

How a Houston Divorce Attorney Can Help

In periods of great distress such as what can occur during a divorce, families may be under a great deal of strain emotionally, mentally, and financially. By enlisting the help of a divorce attorney, clients can delegate many of the responsibilities and worries associated with Texas family law so that they can focus on their own health and the health of their family during this difficult time.

When searching for a Houston divorce attorney to assist you with divorce matters, ensure that they:

  • Are licensed to practice in Texas
  • Will work and communicate directly with clients
  • Have years of experience in practicing family law
  • Are familiar with the Harris County family law court system
  • Know how to represent clients in contested and uncontested divorces
  • Have experience in community property division and proving separate property
  • Understand how to pursue spousal support and missed spousal support payments
  • Can navigate child custody and support issues
  • Have successfully represented and won cases similar to yours

If you or someone you love are contemplating divorce or have decided to proceed with a divorce, contact one of our experienced Houston divorce attorneys today to learn how to protect your and your family’s future.