Divorce Lawyers and Family Attorneys in Houston


Houston Divorce and Family Law Attorneys: Experienced, compassionate attorneys focused on protecting our clients’ rights and assets.

If you are looking for the best divorce and family law attorneys in Houston, Texas, you should look no further than Connolly & Shireman. Our seasoned lawyers have decades of experience resolving difficult marital conflicts for the benefit of our clients and their families. Not only do we win cases, we provide compassionate counsel as well as a number of related legal services that help manage the financial and emotional upheaval that often accompanies divorce. These services include collaborative law, which offers divorcing couples an alternative to costly and contentious litigation, plus child custody services, CPS representation and appellate law. In addition, we have considerable experience in cases involving alcohol and drug abuse. So if divorce seems to be on the horizon, contact Connolly & Shireman today for a private consult.

Child Custody in Houston: Divorce is hard on everyone involved, but particularly for children.

Custody and visitation are among the most difficult aspects of divorce. Often parents are tempted to use the children as bargaining chips, or simply have no viable tools with which to form workable co-parenting plans. In addition, other situations can put custody in play as well, such as death or absence of parents, health or financial issues, or other reasons parental ability is compromised. Issues like drug abuse or other dangerous behaviors often complicate matters. Although our system is designed to put the interests of children first, courts do not always fully understand the relationships and the possibilities when it comes to making decisions in the best interests of your children. That’s why it’s important to have a team of insightful, compassionate lawyers to advocate for the best custody arrangements possible.

CPS Legal Services: If you face the possibility of having your child taken from you, you can’t afford to take chances.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, also referred to as Child Protective Services or simply CPS, is tasked with investigating allegations of abuse or neglect, which can occur inside or outside of the context of divorce or other family disputes. The impact of CPS involvement can have a devastating effect on your children, whether you are guilty of abuse or not, and regardless of whether they actually remove children or place limits on parental rights. It is imperative that anyone dealing with CPS have access to expert legal help. Connolly & Shireman have helped hundreds of families deal with the intricacies of CPS cases, and are committed to achieving the best result for the families and children involved.

Houston Juvenile Delinquency Cases: 2 million children go to juvenile detention every year. It doesn’t have to happen to your child.

The reasons and ways juveniles get into trouble with the law are unique to their age and maturity. As a consequence, the juvenile legal system is not the same as the system in which adults are tried, and the consequences of criminal prosecution of juveniles are dramatically different. Normal criminal attorneys may not have the expertise necessary to properly guide children through the legal system and effectively advocate for their rights. Connolly & Shireman have deep experience, not only representing minor defendants, but also in understanding some of the issues and behaviors that impact juvenile delinquency (such as substance abuse or family violence). We can provide a higher level of legal counsel that can keep your child out of detention and help prevent poor decisions from following them as they mature into responsible adults.

Houston Appellate Attorneys: Not every verdict is final. You may have the right to appeal your case.

Judges, juries and lawyers are human, and sometimes they make mistakes. Our legal system provides a process to appeal verdicts in all types of cases. In family law, an incorrect verdict can negatively affect people for the rest of their lives, so it’s essential for families to have access to resources to review and appeal cases that may be unfairly adjudicated. The attorneys of Connolly & Shireman are some of Houston’s best appellate lawyers, having tried many appellate cases and obtaining reversals and favorable outcomes time after time. If you have had a negative or questionable outcome in any form of litigation, we may be able to help you appeal it and get it overturned.

Houston Estate, Wills and Probate Lawyers: Helping you protect the value of your family’s estate.

When a family member dies, a number of issues can arise that can turn a difficult situation into a nightmare. Disposition of family assets can be a complex and contentious process, especially if the decedent died without a valid will in place, or if there is reason to contest the will, such as lack of testamentary capacity or suspicion of malfeasance. Even without such challenges, getting a will through probate so the estate can be settled can be overwhelming. The compassionate team of wills, probate and estate lawyers at Connolly & Shireman offer legal services aimed at preventing such problems, as well as help in resolving them if they do arise.