Family Law Attorneys in Houston TX

Driving Innovation in Family and Juvenile Law.

Anyone can drive a car; not everyone can design the engine. At Connolly & Shireman, we’re not trying merely to go from one point in the legal process to another. Our family law attorneys in Houston TX understand that our work involves some of the most meaningful matters in people’s lives, so we decided long ago to commit ourselves to creating solutions for the best interest of families, not just within the cases we handle, but in the application of the law in our community.

From the start, the goal of our family attorneys in Houston has been to build a firm of smart and intuitive problem solvers who are innovative trendsetters. As leaders in the field of family law and child welfare law, members of the firm have been either lead counsel in important cases or have otherwise played significant roles in the evolution of Texas law.

Our Family Attorneys in Houston have been involved in cases that:

  • dramatically changed the “acceptance of benefits doctrine”
  • allowed courts to consider direct payments as offsets for child support
  • prevented intrusion into a separate property by trial courts
  • protected retirement benefits from overreaching former spouses
  • prevented parents, foster parents and the Department of Family Protective Services from excluding grandparents from having access to their grandchildren
  • protected children from medical child abuse and other forms of abuse and neglect
  • limited the power of the government to terminate or restrict the parent-child relationship
  • protected children from addicted, neglectful or abusive parents and grandparents
  • helped foster parents overcome substantial odds in securing safe and suitable homes for abused and neglected children
  • protected parents from false or unsubstantiated findings of abuse or neglect

We have also drafted or directly influenced legislation or case interpretation of the law involving restriction and termination of parental rights as well as children’s rights in delinquency proceedings.

It’s not enough to just fight and argue over issues and positions. It is possible to be both unconventional and professional at the same time. We do not readily accept the “way it is” as a solution to a unique set of legal issues. Our family attorneys in Houston look for solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs and protect the most vulnerable parties in complex and delicate situations.


How Custody is Awarded When Grandparents Need to Be Involved

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Protecting the Interests of Grandparents and Foster Parents

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Starting Over With a Legal Name Change

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Helping Blended Families Blend

As family dynamics change and the concept of what is a family continues to evolve so does the law when adopting to take these new types of family units into account. To successfully grow your family, legally, often requires the skill of an experienced Texas adoption...

Making Sure Children are Properly Provided For

Under Texas law, children have the right to financial support from both of their parents. The child support system exists to provide children with that support in situations where their parents are divorced or otherwise living apart. At Connolly & Shireman in...

Modification of Divorce Decree Resolving Post-Judgment Custody Issues

The care and support of children is an ongoing obligation that lasts until the children become adults. The circumstances impacting the relationships between parents and children can change over time, and Texas family courts have the power to modify child custody...

Conservatorship, Shared Parenting and Custody for Unmarried Parents

As more couples delay marriage or have children while in committed relationships without getting married, when these relationships end, the question of custody can be a confusing one. In order to protect the children and limit the amount of disruption, parents should...
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