As more couples delay marriage or have children while in committed relationships without getting married, when these relationships end, the question of custody can be a confusing one. In order to protect the children and limit the amount of disruption, parents should make every effort to come to a fair agreement concerning parental rights, child visitation, and other factors concerning how to raise the children. A compassionate family law attorney can often be helpful in these situations by providing legal guidance and acting as an intermediary when emotions are high.

Located in Houston, Texas, the law firm of Connolly Schneider Shireman often helps unmarried parents resolve child custody matters. It is important to note that in Texas, the technical legal term for child custody is “conservatorship.” A conservatorship can be “joint managing”, which means shared parenting who has a “sole managing” primary say in how the child is raised, where the child lives and goes to school, or “possessory”, which is another term for physical custody or possession. We can help you determine the allocation of each of these rights, powers, duties, and responsibilities. Contact us today to learn more about custody and other family law issues we can help you with.

We Look at Every Situation and Option Carefully

We help both men and women who are seeking custody after a relationship ends. Men may have to prove paternity before a court will award them conservatorship in any capacity and we can help you navigate this process. If your relationship breaks up because of abuse or violence, we can help you petition for full custodial rights.

Our Houston child custody attorneys help unmarried parents evaluate what type of arrangement will be in the best interest of the children, which is the same standard that Texas family courts use when making these decisions. This may include helping you prepare for a custody evaluation that may be ordered by the courts.

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