Adopting is one of the most rewarding experiences, for both the parents and the adopted child. However, there are often many legalities to overcome during this process before an adoption can be finalized by the court system. Professional adoption lawyers can help with legal filings and certain procedures, streamlining the process.

Common Adoption Questions

Child Protective Services protects over three million children, including those that may be placed into foster homes or up for adoption. The adoption process has the potential to become lengthy and complicated. Hiring legal representation can help you sift through the answers to these questions before they arise, assisting you in properly addressing them.

Since adoption lawyers are familiar with the legalities surrounding adoption, they will be able to help you address your concerns. For instance, many people who are in the adoption process wonder who can legally adopt a child or the rights surrounding same-sex couples. You may also be wondering how international adoption works. All these questions can be answered by adoption attorneys who are educated in the adoption process. This will help you avoid any bumps in the road in the court system.

How Can an Adoption Attorney Help?

Adoption attorneys can provide you with proper legal consult and make you aware of your rights when it comes to being a potential adopter. You will have a professional at every step of the process, raising concerns if necessary that need to be addressed. Important documents will need to be filled out, as well as meeting strict deadlines. Improper documentation or missing a deadline could lead to penalties or fines. Adoption lawyers can help to keep you organized. Navigating the legalities of a court case can sometimes be difficult and complex. However, adoption lawyers are educated on courtroom terminology and your legal rights.

The adoption lawyers of Connolly and Shireman believe that each case is unique and deserves individualized attention to formulate the best plan of action. Our professional team strives to provide our clients with creative solutions for their life circumstances, standing by them as an advocate and voice of reason. We have intersecting experience in key areas of family law, utilizing our knowledge to best listen to your goals and provide a strategy.