Alcohol and Drug Abuse Consequences in a Pandemic

Addiction and Substance Abuse are never really a good idea. Nevertheless, it is prevalent during any crisis. A pandemic and forced isolation are as good of an excuse as any...”We are all going to die anyway,; we might as well enjoy it.”, “ Who do they thinkRead more

Unforeseen Family Law Consequences for Mothers from a Pandemic

Mothers have seen their traditional or multiple roles upended and are beginning to realize that they have been missing out on other opportunities. Some dads are out of work and are staying at home while the mothers have become the primary income producers. Fathers have begun toRead more

Unforeseen Family Law Consequences for First Responders from a Pandemic

Doctors, nurses, hospital employees, ambulance personnel, paramedics, firefighters and law enforcement employees have experienced a whole host of consequences as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are constantly risking their lives to try to keep us and our families safe. Despite extreme measures, they can becomeRead more

Unforeseen Family Law Consequences for Fathers from a Pandemic

One of the unexpected and unforeseen consequences of the current pandemic, resulting stay at home orders and remote working solutions is that it is requiring fathers to re-evaluate their priorities, their work, their choices and to focus on what is most important in their lives. Fathers haveRead more

Understanding Coronavirus and Family Law Court Matters

The arrival of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, in the United States is changing the way many of us do daily things, including attending to family law court matters. With the pandemic beginning to show signs of community spread, our local government is taking necessary precautions to protectRead more