Helping Blended Families Blend

As family dynamics change and the concept of what is a family continues to evolve so does the law when adopting to take these new types of family units into account. To successfully grow your family, legally, often requires the skill of an experienced Texas adoption lawyer.Read more

How to Get Legal Help With Adoption

Adopting is one of the most rewarding experiences, for both the parents and the adopted child. However, there are often many legalities to overcome during this process before an adoption can be finalized by the court system. Professional adoption lawyers can help with legal filings and certainRead more

Child Adoption Attorney in Houston

When a child’s natural parent or parents are unable to care for him or her due to unfitness, abandonment, death, or some other tragic circumstance, the adoption system creates an opportunity for someone to step in and take on the responsibilities of a parent. At Connolly &Read more