Coping with a pandemic like the coronavirus is fairly new territory for many of the systems in our country, including the court system. This state of limbo can also impact parents who are struggling to make sense of how these pandemic-related court changes relate to their current co-parenting circumstances.

Texas Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Family Law

The Texas Supreme Court has stated in its March 24, 2020 Order, “Nothing herein prevents parties from altering a possession schedule by agreement if allowed by their court order(s), or courts from modifying their orders on an emergency basis or otherwise.”

While this verbiage can sound confusing, what the court order boils down to is encouraging parents to co-parent and work together to take care of their children during this COVID-19 pandemic. This can include establishing informal agreements between parents, to the extent permitted by any existing order, to share childcare responsibilities, and it is being encouraged by our state’s highest court.

The resolve to peacefully and successfully co-parent should be the goal for any parent, but the simple reality is that it is not always possible in every situation. For parents that think there may be extraordinary circumstances that might justify withholding a child from the other parent amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial that they make an appointment with a family law attorney as soon as possible.

If you have questions or concerns about the continuing appropriateness of your current child custody or visitation order, contact a family law attorney at Connolly Schneider Shireman today. We are available by telephone and videoconference during the COVID-19 pandemic to answer your questions and advise you about child custody, visitation, and all other family law matters. Please call our office at 713-520-5757 to schedule a consultation today.

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